Texture analysis of CT perfusion in head and neck cancer patients

Warsaw Medical Physics Meeting 2015

The response to radiotherapy depends on the tumor physiology. The aim of this project was to compare second order statistical texture parameters in CT perfusion of head and neck patients with respect to tumor site, stage and human papillomavirus (HPV) status. Energy, entropy, contrast and correlation were calculated using Python. Median values, as the standard first order parameter, were calculated for comparison. Data for 42 patients was analyzed (n=17 oropharynx, n=7 hypopharynx, n=9 larynx, n=9 oral cavity; n=12 T1/T2, n=30 T3/T4; n=8 HPV positive, n=16 HPV negative). Differences between subgroups were studied using Mann-Whitney test (p=0.05). Differential results were found according to the subgroups. Entropy was significantly bigger for tumors with stages T1/T2 than T3/T4. This difference was not observed for the median. Second order parameters enable to study tumor physiology in more details than first order and thus can be potentially a predictor for radiotherapy response.

Marta Nesteruk

Practical Info

15-05-2015 11:30
25 minutes 12 seconds