Production of positrons emitters 43Sc and 44Sc for medical imaging with the alpha particle beam - evaluation of process efficiency

Warsaw Medical Physics Meeting 2015

The paper discusses the process of production of 43Sc on natural calcium targets with alpha particle beam at the Warsaw cyclotron in Heavy Ion Laboratory. This radioisotope is similar to 18F and 68Ga but comes with longer T1/2 and has increased uptake characteristics for some cancers. So far, 43Sc is mainly obtained on expensive, enriched calcium targets. Natural calcium is cheaper and the reaction additionally produces 44Sc – a radioisotope considered significant in upcoming techniques of three photons PET. With convenient T1/2 (4 hours), high positron branching (94%) and 44mSc as generator, 44Sc is a promising choice for improving medical imaging. Competitive method of 44Sc production requires rare and expensive 44Ti generator. Most recent researches indicates that on not expensive natural calcium and with 20 MeV alpha beam the yield of 85 MBq/µAh of 43Sc can be obtained, followed by 0.2 MBq/µAh of 44Sc with insignificant contribution of contamination (less than 0.1%).

Mateusz Sitarz

Practical Info

14-05-2015 11:15
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