Automated environment control using a multi-agent system for radiopharmaceuticals production

Warsaw Medical Physics Meeting 2015

This paper discusses the development of an automated monitoring system in order to ensure a cGMP compliant environment inside a radiopharmaceuticals production facility. One promising technique for controlling the environment key parameters is through the use of autonomous, intelligent software agents together with an environment model. When disturbances occurs agents will react to the environment changes and automatically take action for restoring the normal values for the pressure cascades, airflow, cleanliness class, temperature, humidity according to the predefined environment model. Optimal system performances are assured this way and fast system recovery is possible without human intervention. An agent-based system design for a specific type of production facility could be easily adapted for any type of facility since the manufacturing workflow and the production’s environment conditions are very similar.

Andrei Octavian Silisteanu

Practical Info

14-05-2015 10:25
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